Friday, September 24, 2010

Federalists v. Democratic-Republicans

Federalist Party
Originated from support of the Constitution (Federalist Papers)
Nominated John Adams for President in 1796
Died as a result of Hamilton’s death in 1804 and the Hartford Convention (1814) during the War of 1812, Beginnings of the brief one-party system under Monroe (Era of Good Feelings?)
Alexander Hamilton and John Adams
Loose interpretation of the Constitution
Supported a strong central govt.
Large peacetime army and navy
(Success)Aid to business, national bank, tariffs to support infant industries, (Hamilton’s Economic System)
Northern businessmen and large landowners (commercial classes)
Particularly strong in New England
Distrust of the masses

Democratic-Republican Party
Absorbed many traits of the Anti-Federalist Party
Transformed into the Democratic Party under Andrew Jackson in the 1830’s
Thomas Jefferson and James Madison
Strict interpretation of the Constitution (Did Jefferson live up to these ideals?)
Weak central govt. (power given to states)
Small peacetime army and navy
Favored agriculture, no national bank, opposed tariffs
Skilled workers, small farmers, plantation owners
Strong in the South and West, aided by Louisiana Purchase in 1803

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